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Centrifugal Pumps

Most often used in oil refineries and power plants, centrifugal pumps use a motor-powered impeller that converts rotational energy to kinetic energy, which pushes the liquid through and out of the chamber.

Moores provides skilled installation and repair of top-of-the-line centrifugal pumps in a variety of applications. Need a centrifugal pump for your operation? Give us a call today!

Ansi Pumps

Industrial, Oil & Gas, Pipeline, Petrochemical

These pumps are characterized by their dimensional standards required by the American National Standards Institute. These pumps simply provide interchangeability between pumps and pump parts. Though most often used in the chemical industry, Moores can also create and execute an installation plan for ANSI pumps in the food processing and paper industries, among others.

Partner Manufacturers

General Service Pumps

Water-Based Application

General service pumps cover a wide range of water-based application pumps, including hydro-excavation, desalination, pressure washing, and irrigation, among others. Moores works with industry-leading partners that specialize in general service pumps to deliver the best system for your operation.

Partner Manufacturers