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Turbine Pumps

Moores supplies turbine pumps that utilize the high-pressure discharge functionality of a positive displacement pump with the adaptable operation of a centrifugal pump in a compact design, making for fantastic use in high-pressure, low capacity operations.

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Vertical Turbine Pumps

Oil & Gas, Pipeline

Vertical turbine pumps are designed to move liquid from deep wells or reservoirs via a lineshaft. A ground-level pump suctions liquid from the bottom of the lineshaft, which moves through several diffuser bowls where the high velocity energy is converted to high pressure and eventually discharges at the head. These pumps are typically best for operations that require compact pumps.

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Offshore Platform, Jockey & Fire Water Pumps

Submersible pumps work very similiarly to turbine pumps but are designed to operate completely submersed. The motor on a submersible pump is usually located in a sealed chamber within the pump. These pumps can be used for jockey water applications, fire water pumps for fire protection, and salt water lift applications.

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